Links listed below are the links listed as samples in the Arizona Education Technology Articulated Standards. Not all links are listed below each standard because the link can be found in another standard. Look for links in all strands.
Strand 1, Concept 1, PO1

Strand 1, Concept 2, PO1
Letter Generator
Postcard Creator
Multiplication/Division Sentences
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Strand 1, Concept 2, PO2
Sound Wave

Strand 1, Conept 2, PO3
Project Budburst
Wisconsin Fast Plants

Strand 1, Concept 3, PO1
Looking at Calculator Patterns
More Patterns with Products

Strand 1, Concept 4, PO2
Wiki Spaces
Voice Thread
Google Apps

Strand 3, Concept 1, PO1
Ivy's Search Engines for Kids

Strand 3, Concept 2, PO1

Strand 3, Concept 2, PO2
Library of Congress

Strand 3, Concept 2, PO4

Strand 4, Concept 1, PO1
Cooking with the Sun

Strand 6, Concept 2, PO1
Typing Web
Power Typing

Strand 2, Concept 2, PO3
Can You Picture It
Creating Pictographs
Last Names Next